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Short Crypto Rant

Disclaimer: No one in the world wants what I said in this post to be false more than I do. One  ConsenSys is not all rainbows, sunshine, and unicorns. (to the surprise of no one) The flat governance structure is something that definitely makes ConsenSys unique and enjoyable to work at: everyone treats you as equal, snobby dicks are rare, and no one tells you what to do at work everyday or when you go to work. It would be hard to go back to the traditional hierarchical world. However, no one here seems to have read The Tyranny of Structureless , because if they did ConsenSys wouldn't be so radically decentralized. The lack of a formal governance structure and clear rules gives rise to informal governance structures and rules, which are born out of social relations and rules of precedence. This is bad. Incredibly bad. Why? Because social structures and rules are super fuzzy and cannot be deposed and reformed through clearly defined processes, which means the system would