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What can a DAO do for John Doe?

The privileged don't need DAOs As someone who's spent months thinking about DAOs and governance, I knew there was a problem when I asked myself "Do I, personally, have need for a DAO today?" and answered "No". To me, DAOs, or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, are tools for collaboratively producing work. For instance, a software development startup could set up a DAO to handle its finances and decision making, in place of a corporation or a Limited Liability Company. For entrepreneurs, the main advantages of setting up a DAO rather than a regular legal entity are as follows: Cheap : DAOs are basically free to create and maintain. Companies usually cost at least thousands of USD to create and thousands more for yearly maintenance fees. Global : Companies and other legal entities are harder to create in countries without a mature financial system (e.g. many places in Africa) and countries with political/economic instability (e.g. Venezue

DAOmesh: Large-scale collaboration through a network of small DAOs connected by bounties

Or: World Wide Web for a collaborative economy 1. Intro Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are organizations where members collaborate through a smart contract enabled blockchain. Compared to traditional organizations, DAOs are much cheaper to create, their immutability and transparency makes them more trustworthy, and their programmability enables a wide variety of features. It is possible that DAOs are the next evolutionary step for corporations, which makes up most of today's world economy. Some DAO researchers/developers ( DAOStack , Colony) believe there may one day exist DAOs with thousands or even millions of members, and are working towards that vision. Others (Aragon, MolochDAO) neither support or rebuke this belief, but they implicitly (and perhaps unconsciously) support it by placing their focus on the internal mechanisms of DAOs, rather than the interactions between DAOs. It's likely the case that this belief is the mainstream. I believe ther