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I don't want toast

Recently, I have realized that all the mistakes I've made in the past, and is still making, have been caused by a single type of error: mistaking expedience for desire, for a call to action. When I am looking to make a purchase, say a toaster, I look for a "good deal". The toaster can't have a significant number of bad reviews. The price can't be too low, such that the toaster is bound to break down in a month; but it also can't be too expensive, such that the purchase becomes exorbitant. It should have many features: a timer, different modes, bagel compatibility; but it's okay if it's missing a few as long as the price is lower. Might seem reasonable to try and find a "good deal" like this, but if one thought it through, one would find that it's a recipe for mediocrity. You see, even if you found a "good" toaster, it's only "good" in the present situation, in the narrow context of finding a reasonable tool for mak